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in town hall

Stanardsville Town Hall is located at 19 Celt Road in Stanardsville next to the Post Office.

Please join us for these fascinating presentations, perfect for all ages!

10AM: Cleopatra project-

poisonous & venomous animals of virginia

Presenters: Bonnie Beers & Kathleen Aucoin

A discussion of 32 poisonous and venomous animals, including a description of the animal, its habitat and likely geographic range in Virginia, the source of poison or venom, potential physical symptoms,  possible animal look-alikes, and how to live respectfully and safely with these fellow inhabitants.

11AM: socrates project-

poisonous plants of virginia

Presenter:  Alfred E. Goossens

Enlightened by many colorful pictures, this presentation tells the public about the poisonous plants that are growing in our backyards, hiking trails and just about all-over in Virginia.   They can be poisonous by digestion or by touch!

12PM: wildlife center of Virginia-

meet the Wild animals in person

Presenter: Alison Meredith, Outreach Coordinator

The Wildlife Center of Virginia is an internationally-recognized teaching hospital for native wildlife that aims to promote positive attitudes towards wildlife and emphasize how the personal choices we make affect the health of the environment. Come out to see some of the Center's animal ambassadors up-close while listening to the stories they have to share!

salamander 2 - Copy.png

1pm: herping virginia-

the amazing salamanders of Virginia

Presenter: Ty Smith, Chief Herpetological Specialist

Colors, shapes, sizes, endangered and plentiful Learn about

Virginia's most amazing salamanders and efforts for their conservation.

2pm: dept of wildlife resources-

black bear biology & management
in Virginia

Presenter: David Kocka, District Biologist

Virginia Department of Wildlife Staff with 35+ years of experience will present information on black bear biology and management in Virginia. Staff will attempt to dispel some myths about bears and help educate attendees on this native charismatic megafauna.

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